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GENESYS 2023 R2 Advances the State-of-the-Art in Precision Digital Engineering

New features enhance the power of model-based systems engineering software

BLACKSBURG, Va., Jan. 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Zuken Vitech Inc., a leading provider of model-based systems engineering software, brings new power to MBSE users and to practitioners within the precision digital engineering ecosystem with the release of GENESYS 2023 R2. GENESYS is a model-based systems engineering solution that delivers connected, consistent, and complete system designs. Precision digital engineering is engineering that is characterized by a set of principles that speak to using the right data at the right time with the right intent. The release includes powerful additions for model data viewing and an improved adapter experience with digital thread broker SBE Vision.

Matrix Views allow the user to create and show multiple relationships, including across projects.
Matrix Views allow the user to create and show multiple relationships, including across projects.

Matrix Views enhance the ability to manage and visualize data
The addition of Matrix Views builds upon the recent GENESYS 2023 introduction of Independent Views. Along with Table Views, Matrix Views provide users with another versatile means of querying, summarizing, and assessing customized model data sets. Examples of a Matrix View use case include the visual indication of completeness in tracking complex system relationship structures and the ability to easily add or remove relationships between defined data sets.

With Matrix Views, a user can create customized visual representations to display how individual entities are related between specified classes of defined scope, either within a single project or between multiple projects. Among numerous benefits, the feature offers a means of visualizing one or more types of relationships in a grid to help identify gaps in a design.

“By offering a clear, customizable, and interactive view of system relationships, Matrix Views enhance the user’s ability to gain insight into complex systems,” says Brian Selvy, Chief Innovation Officer for Zuken Vitech.

Improved data definition and workflow strengthen adapter to digital thread broker SBE Vision
With GENESYS 2023 R2, a specified data set from a GENESYS project can be transferred to another MBSE tool and back, along with any approved modifications, via GENESYS’ new digital thread packages and enhanced SBE Vision Digital Thread Adapter. With performance improvements to GENESYS’ SBE Vision Adapter, data can be round-tripped between GENESYS and a paired digital engineering tool via the SBE Vision digital thread platform with speed and precision.

Digital thread packages allow a user to specify the precise data set that is to be exported to the digital thread or imported into GENESYS. The new SBE Vision Adapter allows users to bulk import or export one or more digital thread packages, processed through paired viewpoints. These enhancements enable users to move the correct data at the right time for the specified intent, and have them optionally translated into the language and terminology of the data consumer. These capability improvements offer an unparalleled precision digital engineering experience, where every element, relationship and attribute in a model is explicitly defined, clear, and means the same thing to everyone who understands the language.

To learn more about GENESYS 2023 R2, visit What’s New in GENESYS 2023 R2.

GENESYS is a model-based systems engineering software that delivers connected, consistent, and complete system designs. It provides an integrated platform that easily connects the enterprise and includes support from the first statement of need to final verification and validation. GENESYS supports agility, enterprise-wide collaboration, scalability, and customization, all in a robust environment.

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Zuken Vitech Inc. is a leading provider of model-based systems engineering software. For over 30 years it has delivered innovative, industry-leading solutions, helping organizations around the world solve complex problems. To learn more, visit

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SBE Vision provides interoperability in the technology sector between multiple engineering tools with inherently incompatible data shapes. To learn more, visit

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